Sunday, 31 August 2014

Are leaks really leaks?

Yet another iPhone
I think it is time to stop using the word leak and simply say press release instead. With so many technology blogs that thrive on leaks, and with so many leaks, it is becoming glaringly obvious that either all these companies with leaks are either quite incompetent, or simply have extremely competent PR folks.

The iPhone 6 seems to hold the record, with the highest number of leaks and rumours. In fact, these days, some blogs are actually writing round-ups of all the leaks about the iPhone 6. With its release coming up in the near future, you get to read some leaked information about it every other day. I am sure this does more good than harm; there is always a buzz about the product on the Internet, and more and more people get to know about it. Thus, by the time the product is actually launched, everyone is swooning over it. If this is not unintentional, it is definitely a nice strategy.

Of course, the word leak is appealing to the readers; after all, who doesn't like to know a secret? Therefore, most technology blogs won't hesitate to use it. It is really a win-win-win situation; the readers get their spicy news, the blogs get their views, and the product gets some free advertising.

This is all good and acceptable if leaks are rare, and the leaked information is meaningful. When there are too many of them, the word leak loses its charm and importance. Readers won't care much. One must also realize that a blurry photo or two can arouse interest only once in a while.

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